How to record iphone and ipad screen content on Mac and Windows platform

Lets learn how to record iphone and ipad screen content on Mac and Window platform with easy steps.For Mac users, recording iPhone and iPad screen content is most convenient because they can use QuickTime to do the relevant work. And As for Windows users, you can use only third-party tools. But some third-party software is more feature-rich than QuickTime, so Mac users can use these software get for more features in some cases.

Screen recording using QuickTime:

QuickTime is the easiest way for Mac systems to record iOS device screen content. Step by step Simply connect your iOS device to your computer with a data cable, turn on QuickTime, and you can start recording right away.But Apple no longer supports Windows QuickTime, you can’t do the same on a Windows PC. Considering that the Windows version of QuickTime is no longer available for any updates, there may already be a number of security vulnerabilities, so we do not recommend users for install the software on a Windows PC.

The specific method of using QuickTime for screen recording is as follows:

A. Connect your iOS device to your Mac, then open QuickTimeB. Click File > New Video RecordingC. Click the arrow next to the record buttonD. Select the device you want to recordE. Click the record button to start recording.These are all the things you need to use QuickTime to record iPhone/iPad screen content. During the recording process, QuickTime automatically detects whether the device is in landscape or portrait mode and adjusts the screen accordingly.

Using LonelyScreen third-party wireless recording software:

LonelyScreen is a simple screen recording software that is compatible with macOS and Windows 10 and is free.A. Download and install LonelyScreenB. If the Windows Firewall reminder pops up, make sure both the private and public networks are checked, then click Allow access.C. Select AirPlay image from the control center of the iOS deviceD. Select LonelyScreen from the AirPlay list. You can change the displayed name on your computerE. Start recording on iOS devices

Using Apowersoft third-party wireless recording software:

Apowersoft is also compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.A. Download and install ApowersoftB. Connect your computer and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi networkC. Run ApowersoftD. If the Windows Firewall reminder pops up, make sure both the public and private networks are checked, then click Allow access.E. Open the Control from the bottom of the iOS screen and click on the AirPlay image.F. Select Apowersoft in the AirPlay device list.G. Click the Record button in the Apowersoft interface for start recording.H. after end the recording click the Disconnect button in the software dashboard.HowTx Team