How to make rose cookies (achappam) in simple steps with howtx guide:Achappam is a malayalam word of rose cookies. it is usually made during christmas time. It is also popular in united states.


White Rice -2cup Egg – 1 Maida -2tbsp Sugar-7-8 tbsp Salt to tasteCoconut Milk-1 3/4cup to 2 cups Sesame seeds- 1tsp


Soak rice for 2 hours . Wash well and drain for another 2 hours in a strainer . Now make fine powder.To that powder add maida .. Beat egg and sugar . Add this mix to the rice flour maida mix ,Mix well . Now add coconut milk and make smooth batter.let it Rest for 30 minutes.Now heat oil ,dip the mould in hot oil.When the oil is hot remove mould from oil and dip 3/4th portion of the mould in the batter and dip in the oil and the achappam will release its own.Flip after one minute.So like this way make achappam and enjoy.

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