How To Crochet simple Granny Square

Learn how to crochet simple granny square in easy steps:Granny Squares are the most popular pattern in crocheting. once start the granny square then there is no limit to maximise the square.using these granny squares crocheters can make blankets, clothing, bags, and much more.Granny square clothing fashion is regular peaked up in 1970s.This is very simple square even beginners can do this, no advance skills required.


Make a magic circle (or slip knot – ch4- slip stitch in 1st chain i.e. ch4 Ring)


Chain 3 – 2 double crochet – chain 2 – 3 double crochet – chain 2.repeat it two more times in that same ring. At last slip stitch in 3rd chain of beginning stitch.(In this round total 12 double crochet with four ‘chain 2’spaces.)

Round 2: corner making

slip stitch in next three stitches. now start from chain 2 space .(corner means 3 double crochet – ch2 – 3 double crochet)Start with chain 3 (considered as 1 double crochet) – 2double crochet – chain 2 – 3 double crochet in same ch2 space. chain 1 and make corner in next chain2 space . repeat 2 more times. slip stitch in 3rd chain of beginning stitch.

Round 3:

go in chain2 space with slip stitches.Start with chain 3 – 2 double crochet- ch2 – 3double crochet.chain 13 double crochet in chain1 space of previous round – chain the corner.repeat it all over the round.Video Tutorial for crochet granny square:Repeat the same for all the rounds.HowTx Team

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